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20th March 2011
What can we say about Photography that has not already been said? I say, plenty... as it continues evolving into new and exciting ways in which we view and capture the myriad scenes and events of our world.

Since the earliest recorded concepts of re-producing images in a photographic form to our ultra-modern advancements of the digital age... Photography has played a major role of importance in the affairs of Human life. Imagine for a moment, if you can...a world without Photography. We would all be limited to what we actually see and imagine in real time from our own personal, subjective viewpoints. There would still be artistic renderings in drawings, paintings and the like... but a world with no Photography would certainly limit our enjoyment, understanding and sharing of our existence.

The ubiquity of Photography is obvious... it's all around us 24 / 7 and we tend to take for granted that it has always been here.

The word / name "Photography" was first introduced by a fellow named Sir John, Frederick, William Herschel back in 1839 which is also the same year that the Photographic process became public. Sir John also coined the terms "negative" and "positive" into the vernacular. The word "Photography" itself has it's origins in Greek words "phos" meaning "light" and "graphe" meaning "drawing/writing" or... "drawing with light"

Cameras have come a long way since the first, crude black boxes with pinholes. The Camera Obscura has been around since ancient times when it was primarily used as a device for drawing and entertainment. Simple, crude Camera Obscuras can be made using a darkened space... a room or box with a pinhole letting outside light enter the space and project an image onto a surface inside the room or box. The image will be upside down but nevertheless a picture of whatever scene shines through the pinhole. You can try this by covering a window in a dark room with black paper with a small hole in it. Then observe whatever image is projected onto a wall or other surface opposite the window.

Seems like magic and it is... the magic of light and form... illusions of the material world replicated before our eyes! Pretty cool stuff and must have been REALLY cool to the early pioneers who accidentally or experimentally discovered it.

And compared with our modern "digital magic"... those early trail-blazers would be amazed by the awesome improvements over the crude contraptions of their time.

Check out more info on the origins of Photography and Camera Obscura at: and

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