A native of the Northeastern USA currently residing in Northern California. In pre-teen adolescence I became fascinated with the photographic arts and the seemingly "magical" process of reproducing real-life images on paper.

By my early teens I had a crude darkroom in our basement and worked part-time, odd jobs after school earning money to buy photo materials and equipment for printing and coloring photographs. In those days, it was all mechanical and chemical process ... mostly black and white, as color film was just beginning to become available. Black & white photos had to be hand-colored with pastel paints made for that purpose. I cannot remember a time in my life when I have not owned one or more cameras and using them to capture thousands of memorable images.

Since those early years, photography has been mostly a hobby as I have made a suitable living as a builder-remodeler which I consider to be a satisfying, 3-dimensional art form in itself... however, my interest in photography has remained and, moreover grown ... especially now since the digital arts-mediums have become mainstream.

The idea that we can capture and "freeze" one singular, (or many) unique moment(s) in time and preserve them indefinitely in a photographic format is, to me beyond amazing ... and, an irresistible art form to pursue and expand upon.

I like to imagine that if any single one of us were the Omnipotent, Creative, Grand Wizard of all that is, has been or ever will be ... and, as such have Eternity as our time line and Infinity as our palette ... how profoundly prolific and imaginative must we be to endlessly create, forever... and never identically or exactly repeat our creations ? (think snow flakes, clouds, wave patterns faces etc. a kaleidoscope of endless change into material form, and back to invisible energy. How incredibly awesome is that?

These perceptions are the insights, blueprints and motivations which formulate my approach to the content and subject matter of my photography. Seeing the uniqueness, the temporal and ephemeral nature of our world and attempting to capture and translate these fleeting images into a visual story of those moments, people, places and things ... all flowing in the perennial parade of Life as vivid reminders of the essence and the magic of the eternal NOW

I am excited in my re-discovery of the photographic arts and hope that my work will entertain, stimulating thoughts, emotions and inspiration ... as reminders of the limitless, profound and fascinating images which surround us daily.

I invite, encourage and welcome inquiries, comments, critiques and general communication. Thank you again for visiting my website and for supporting the arts.

" Treasure the precious moments of Life ... for we may return to the place ... but never the time "

Peace and good fortune to you


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